Regional Chapters and International Flower Events

Johor Bahru Chapter
Oct 7th 2014 – Date with Viola (President, Singapore Chapter 135)
Details check on Facebook

October 31 – 05 November: Sogetsu Annual Exhibition @ Tokyo

Hong Kong Chapter 24
Contact Sharon Chou  / Tel: 9104 9779
For information on other events please check the website

Kuala Lumpur Chapter 72
November 12-14th 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Details availbale here

Penang Study Group
For information please contact Mrs Saito Toshiko, +60 11 2653 7672
HK Branch of Sogetsu Teachers Association
For information please contact: Sharon Chou at Tel: +852 9104-9779

Taipei Chapter
For information please contact Lansing Chen

The Bombay Sogetsu School
For more information check

Other Flower Events

Hong Kong Flower Club
For  information please contact Ms. Ellie Lou at Tel: +852 9047-9331

Indonesia Floral Arrangers Association
for information please contact us